Revolutionise your bike

Revolution: the total solution

Let yourself benefit from the experience of Revolution’s history in racing and our connections with Moriwaki one of the most well-known motorcycle racing tuners within Japan.
Revolution offers all round packages offering, ride-ability, stability, driveability with affordability. To suit your riding needs and budget.
We will honestly advise you on the most suitable package for an honourable price. Depending on your requirements, we will recommend what can be done without excessive risk to long term performance and reliability.
Conversely, if you want outright power, we’ll give it to you, along with a maintenance schedule and a health warning!!!

Engine upgrades

Revolution specialises in engine and suspension upgrades for the hardened street rider, to the discerning track day enthusiast, to the full blown racer. We know what works and what doesn’t and we won’t give you any bull!

We only specialise in bikes that we have raced. This gives us the expert knowledge that we can pass on to our clients for both Street and Track usage. The following models are our forte

HONDA CBR600, CBR900, VTR SP-1, VTR 1000F
SUZUKI GSX R1000, GSX R750, GSX R600

Some typical packages for the following machines:

VTR SP1/2 Stage 1 = 130+ BHP Porting & Gasflowing, Tuned Slip-ons, PC3R + K&N filters, Airbox mods, Cooling fins, Fork tune, Penske Shock

Stage 2 = 140+BHP H/C Pistons, Porting & Gasflowing, Full engine”Blueprint”, Full tuned Exhaust system, Airbox mods (Special airbox and front scoop for Track only usage) PC3R + K&N filters, Cooling fins, Fork tune, Penske shock

Stage 3 = 158+BHP Full HRC/Moriwaki/ Revolution RACE ONLY Bike. This bike has everything and is capable of being competitive at top National level.

VTR1000F Stage 1A to 3 110 – 150 BHP. A truly great riding experience. The Stage 3 was raced by Mark Ditchfield and “guest” raced by Gus Scott in British Superbikes. This was reported in Performance Bikes as ‘a fantastic ride’. This is truly a great bike.

CBR600RR We have the latest Specialist packages for this bike from Moriwaki. This model is being raced in the All Japanese Series by Shogo Moriwaki. There are now Street & Race tuning kits available including Camshafts, Exhausts, rearsets and clip-ons

Suzuki GSXR K2 165 BHP standard engine set to Revolution’s finest engine limits. Used by John Kirkham in British Superbikes

Suzuki GSXR 600 115 BHP Blueprinted and suspension by Revolution, this was raced by Dave Johnson in British Junior Superstock. Fastest speed trap time at Snetterton for the class and Race Winner.

Suzuki GSXR K3 175 BHP for Paul Emery, club racer. Built with Yoshimura camshafts, exhaust, electrics and a few Revolution secrets, this displays brute power! This is another Race Winner

Briefly other engines we have successfully tuned include:

Yamaha R1 2001 152 BHP Stocksport Racing, Gus Scott
Honda SP1 2001 155BHP British Superbike, Brett Sampson
Yamaha R1 2002 159 BHP British Superstock, Bret Sampson & Nick Chadwick.
Suzuki GSXR K1 164 BHP MRO Championship, 5th Place Nick Chadwick

Exhaust systems

Let your bike breath!

Give yourself an immediate injection of speed and a let them know you’re coming with a fitted full exhaust system. Revolution selects the best system for the particular engine. Not one manufacturer is necessarily the best for all engines. We have a close relationship with Moriwaki who have a very specific selection of exhausts tailored to the engine characteristics. We advocate these systems against the best in the world and would challenge any other manufacturer on figures.
For systems that Moriwaki don’t supply we select from a small group of well proven manufacturers.

Suspension upgrades

Suspended by Revolution!

Revolution provides a suspension service for its customers at all grades. However, a point is reached where more and more money gives less and less in return. We provide the right solution at the right level, whether it’s a firmer more responsive ride for the road, a balance between the road and the occasional track day, or a dedicated track day enthusiast, we advise the best system for a valued cost. Your money can go a lot further than you think!

Penske Rear suspension units are fitted because we can guarantee performance. The correct spring rate is calculated to match the rider weight, the bike and the geometry. Compression damping comes in two modes depending on the level of riding.

Front forks are generally fitted with Race Tech parts, again to ensure good performance. The correct springs are selected for the correct weight and rider preference. These springs are specially made for Revolution. Damping is selected in proportion with the spring rate.
Yoke sets and Swing Arm kits are designed and manufactured by Revolution specifically for the racing market to help riders maximise bike set up.

Carburation improvements

Revolution provides a full service to improve power and engine response for naturally aspirated engine systems. Using our in-house Dyno facility with on-line emission monitoring, we can analyse your present performance and suggest improvements. We also install Dynojet kits for all models.

Fuel injection control

Revolution provides a full service to improve power and engine response for fuel injected machines. Again, using our in-house Dyno facility with on-line emission monitoring, we can analyse your present performance and suggest improvements. We also install Dynojet’s Power Commander kits for all models available.
For very sophisticated fuel injection control we can recommend alternative specialist parts.